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The Dragon Ball Seasons are basically many seasons about awesome fighting between the good guys and bad guys. 

Goku Edit


Goku, the main character.

Goku is the main character who is there most of the time. Goku comes from a distant world called planet Vageta, but he arrived when he was only a baby so he doesn't remeber his home planet. Goku spends a lot of his time battling evil villans. Over the years more people start to help Goku. Some of these people are Gohan and his sons, Pikilo, Krilin, Tien who has three eyes, 


There are so many villians in all the different dragon balls that im going to try and name all of them. magin boo, freeza, the ginue force, nappa, cell dr giro, android 16, 17, 18,19, vegita,and browls.

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